About us

Why is it called Fire-Wood Creations? 

One of the first products we created used a laser engraver (fire) to burn a picture in to a maple plaque (wood) hence, Fire-Wood.  While we now offer some products other than wood; including glass ornaments, marble & granite tiles, and a few others being developed, our base products still rely on a form of pyrography: the art of burning wood. 

You'll see these referred to as pyrographs throughout this site.

Custom gifts made just for you.

We have had the privilege of offering some of our non-personalized products in gift shops across Ohio and consistently received requests for personalized, customer-specific items.  It is our hope the true beauty of these products can be translated through the limits of the internet.  Our Pyrographs and other Creations are the results of years of developing unique, attractive keepsakes that will add a little extra meaning to some of life’s greatest moments, as well as some of life’s most trying times.  
Fire-Wood Creations - in part - is a celebration of the mom & pop family businesses that every town and community has cherished and thrived on for generations.  In an ever-growing world of cookie-cutter products, we hope you find it refreshing to know that your creation will be made by real, ordinary people: led by a husband and wife team born and raised in the Midwest. 

A family business with simple goals.

Our goal is pretty simple: offer attractive, unique personalized gifts that our customers (including our family, friends, and neighbors) will be proud to display and share.  Offer them at a fair price and exceptional quality. 

Every creation that goes out the door in some way has our fingerprint on it.  So, we will do everything we can to make sure we’re proud of it in order to be sure, most importantly, that you are proud of it.

Thanks for visiting us. 

Learn How Fire-Wood Creations Works. You'll see how easy it is to create your own pyrograph.