What you may be asking...

Q: How long does it take?

A: Standard production is approximately 3 business days from date of order.

Q: Does it matter whether I provide a color or black & white picture?

A: No. Our process works with either full-color or black and white images

Q: What type of image file should I use?

A: We recommend a jpg (JPEG). We can also accept: bmp (Bitmap) or TIFF files - but really recommend a hi-resolution jpg. 

Q: What size picture is best?

A: We recommend at least a 5" x 7", 300 dpi (dots per inch) image. If you scan the image yourself, make sure the scan setting is at least 300 dpi

Q: How big should the picture file size be?

A: The average picture file size is between 300kb(kilobytes) and 2mb(megabytes) - our shopping cart can accept up to 3mb images

Please look to our Images: A How-To Guide for in-depth information regarding pictures.